Fitness and Sports Evaluation

This evaluation combines a Physical Therapy musculoskeletal assessment with a fitness screen.  This can be likened to your annual medical check-up, but for your musculoskeletal system!  The purpose is to prevent future injury and help you meet your fitness goals.
This is helpful for the aging adult,  the  school-aged athlete, and everyone in between.


What is included:

Medical History
Physical Injury History
Current Health Habits
Posture Assessment
Body Mechanic Screening
Flexibility and Muscle Imbalances
Upper Body Strength
Core Strength and Endurance
Balance and Agility Screening
Cardiac Performance Screening


Personalized Report:
Once evaluation is complete, you will receive the complete report of your exam, emailed, mailed, or in person.  Areas to improve
will be highlighted and questions will be answered.


Personalized Exercise Plan:
On the subsequent visit, you will be instructed on a personalized exercise program to help you meet your


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