It IS possible to improve your fitness level while you are suffering from chronic back pain!


To be able to climb stairs without getting out of breath…

To be able to keep up with your kids…

To have more energy…

But every time you try to start an exercise program, you have to stop due to back pain, disabling back pain…


There is hope!

A Fitness Program for Chronic Back Pain


This 10-week program will take you step-by-step in reaching your fitness goals.

Included in this program:

Self-assessment to determine your problem areas

Game plan for building a good foundation to minimize setbacks

Weekly workout plan with video links

Weekly goals

Weekly accountability check-ins on Private Facebook Group

Weekly Private Facebook Live Q&A sessions

Guidelines for advancing after the 10 week program

Frequently Asked Questions about the FITNESS RESET Program

*  How long is the FITNESS RESET Program?

The FITNESS RESET Program is a 10 week program and begins the Saturday following your sign-up.

You also have LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire program as soon as you sign up. This means that you can pay for the program once and then keep using, as desired.

*  Is the FITNESS RESET Program for ANY Fitness Level?

The FITNESS RESET program has been designed to slowly advance your fitness level.  As with any exercise program, please consult your Physician before starting.

*  What equipment does it require?

The FITNESS RESET program may be completed with only your body weight, a step and a sturdy chair.  However, many people will be able to advance to using small hand weights and resistance bands.

*  How Tech-Savvy do I Have to Be to access FITNESS RESET?

Here are the online actions you’ll need to perform:

  • Send and receive email
  • Watch YouTube videos (links attached to email)
  • Download files to your computer
  • Optional but Highly Recommended: Join a Facebook group*. (Since we feel this is a very important part of the program, we’ve made it very, very easy to do during our preparation week together)

*Don’t have a facebook account? You can go to to sign-up in less than 5 minutes. You’may set your account as private so no one is able to find your information unless you invite them to do so.

For more answers to your Facebook account questions, visit their help center:

Still have Questions about the FITNESS RESET Program?

If you have any questions about the program, shoot us an email at kimberlykerrmpt at